They keep starting fights and losing.

What is going on with the Hernando County School Board? Can they get anything right politically?

The latest is a judge ruling against the School Board over its zeal to place a sales tax referendum on the November 2022 ballot for schools. The referendum would extend the current half-cent school sales tax beyond 2025.

The conservative County Commission, which has the final say on when local referenda go on the ballot, wanted to delay the tax question to 2024.

The County Commission argued 2024 made more sense because that’s closer to when the sales tax expires in 2025.

Not to mention, perhaps we won’t be in the middle of historic inflation by then.

It seems the judge agreed.

This comes on the heels of a dustup between the School Board and state Senator-to-be Blaise Ingoglia over sexually explicit books in school libraries.

Ingoglia has been very critical of the School Board for allowing the books in school libraries.

After Ingoglia alerted parents to the existence of the books, Superintendent John Stratton was forced to admit in a July 22 letter that “several books containing mature content were found in a few of our schools.”

Fighting with the County Commission and state Rep-to-be Jeff Holcomb over raising taxes. Fighting with Ingoglia over inappropriate books. And losing on all fronts.

When will the Hernando County School Board start getting it right?

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