Nausicaa models the latest in Coronavirus contagion-prevention Personal Protective Equipment

Now that the current anime season (and probably the next) has been crippled by COVID-19, perhaps there aren’t many new shows still airing that you want to watch. Perhaps you’ve been furloughed, or have lost your job. I’m truly sorry if that’s the case, and I can imagine this isn’t the easiest time to look for a new source of income. What to do with all of this unwanted free time? There’s probably never been an opportunity quite like this to develop a new skill or improve an old one. Maybe learn a new language or musical instrument? Or – screw it – just watch that ancient anime show you’ve never quite got around to. Why stick to the same old seasonal grind of new, flashy anime when there are still great shows from the 90s and earlier out there and (over)ripe for the plucking?

US companies like Discotek (and to a lesser degree, Sentai) specialise in releasing older anime on Blu-ray but physical media is expensive and most bricks-and-mortar stores are shut. Folks are also short on cash, and it’s hard to justify spending a fortune on that shiny $800 Legend of the Galactic Heroes box set. Multiple streaming services have large anime libraries, and you may be subscribed to some of these already. I’ll go through them one-by-one and indicate which older shows might be worth your while. After all, it could be a choice between numbing your anxiety-riddled mind with anime or throwing sanity to the wind and skinning, roasting, then devouring your neighbours.

NOTE: I’m writing this as a resident of the UK who does not currently use a VPN, so that immediately rules out Hulu, VRV and I’m blocked from perusing interesting new free anime streaming site Retro Crush. The libraries of the various streaming services are different outside the US, so a lot of catalogue anime on US Netflix is unavailable here, but we do have all the same newer shows and exclusives.


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