Win Up to €1,000 in the Perfect Pairs Promotion at bet365 Poker

Do you need to add a little excitement to your cash games while giving yourself a chance to win a prize as big as €1,000 in cold, hard cash?

We have the perfect solution for you as you can win big money just by hitting some pocket pairs in no-limit hold’em cash games in the Perfect Pairs promotion at bet365 Poker.

Grab a €365 bonus!

How to Get Involved

Getting involved in the Perfect Pairs promotion at bet365 Poker couldn’t be any easier. Just follow these four simple steps and you could win big.

  1. Download bet365 Poker through PokerNews to get your €365 redeemable bonus.
  2. Opt-in each weekly qualifying period by clicking the ‘Start’ button, which is located in the Missions section of the poker software.
  3. Collect specified pairs in your hole cards on eligible tables (€0.05/€0.10 NLHE and above) to receive one prize wheel spin, up to a maximum of 13 spins per weekly qualifying period.
  4. Get rewarded spins on the Premium or Perfect Pairs Prize Wheel depending on which step you complete

What You Can Win

You will need to hit the pocket pairs in order during a week starting with pocket deuces. Each time you have the designated pocket pair you will be rewarded a spin on either the Perfect Pairs prize wheel or the Premium Prize wheel where prizes are even better.

Here is a look at the prizes for each pocket pair.

*Step Mission Prize Wheel Spin
1 Be dealt 22 Perfect Pairs spin
2 Be dealt 33 Perfect Pairs spin
3 Be dealt 44 Premium spin
4 Be dealt 55 Perfect Pairs spin
5 Be dealt 66 Perfect Pairs spin
6 Be dealt 77 Perfect Pairs spin
7 Be dealt 88 Perfect Pairs spin
8 Be dealt 99 Premium spin
9 Be dealt TT Perfect Pairs spin
10 Be dealt JJ Perfect Pairs spin
11 Be dealt QQ Perfect Pairs spin
12 Be dealt KK Perfect Pairs spin
13 Be dealt AA Premium spin

The Perfect Pairs Wheel can award you an array of prizes including a €500 freeroll ticket, bet365 Coins, Twister tickets, spins, and cash prizes up to €500.

Here is a look at the odds of winning each prize:

Prize Probability
€500 cash 0.047%
€100 cash 0.058%
€10 Twister ticket 0.935%
€5 Twister ticket 0.935%
20 Free Spins 1.753%
10 Free Spins 7.478%
Five Free Spins 11.684%
€1 Twister ticket 23.367%
50 bet365 Coins 23.367%
“€500 Perfect Pairs” freeroll ticket 30.377%

The prizes can be even bigger when you spin on the Premium Wheel including the chance to snag €1,000 for free!

Prize Probability
€1,000 cash 0.068%
€100 cash 0.169%
€10 Twister ticket 2.705%
€5 Twister ticket 2.705%
20 Free Spins 5.073%
10 Free Spins 21.644%
Five Free Spins 16.909%
€1 Twister ticket 16.909%
50 bet365 Coins 16.909%
“€500 Perfect Pairs” freeroll ticket 16.909%

This fun and lucrative promotion is only around until April 5. So hurry up and sign-up to bet365 Poker today to get started!

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