Visit us at to download this wood toy plan set now. Your friends and customers will love the Iraq-Afghan Military Freightliner. The plan set is available as a PDF download. Build using common tools. Toymakers the world over are in thrilled with the detailed design and simplified construction methods of this favorite toy for both girls and boys. The Iraq-Afghan Military Freightliner Truck is 19-1/2 inches L plus the Trailer is 36-5/8 inches L x 7-1/4 inches W x 8-1/4 inches H. Doors on Freight Boxes open and close! Build as a fun wood toy or build as a classic collectible with just common woodworking tools. The Military Freightliner look great constructed from common wood or built with premium softwoods and project plywood panels available at Lowes and Home Depot. Looks great in natural wood or finished with bright non-toxic paints. Label graphics included in black & white. Print to your home printer, sign the label and apply with spray adhesive. The Hefty Dump Truck plus Trailer and accessories fit in a standard inexpensive box.. Plan set includes box label graphics. Personalize with your signature and give as gifts or sell at crafts fairs! Visit us at to download this wood toy plan set now.

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