Start with a woodwork bench for your next project. The great thing about a bench is that you can make it simple or more complicated.

First, search around for a variety of plans. You can go on the internet and find a number of plans available. Find the ones that interest you the most. Let’s say you want to go with simple for now as one of your small woodworking projects. Then you could try the Four Board Bench. That is what it is – four boards.

It consists of one piece for the top, two pieces for the legs, one piece for the stretcher and four pieces for the wedges. A handheld jigsaw comes in handy to round the edges. Move on to cutting your tenon and mortises and several notches. Follow the assembly instructions, glue and stain as you desire. You are done.

How about a woodworking workbench? Finally you can have a place to store your tools and equipment and a place to work. One neat feature is that the length is flexible so you can easily design it to fit in your garage. We are talking about a basic design that has plenty of work space, a large shelf and a perforated peg-board backing for hanging tools. Normally eight foot long, but you can customize it to fit your needs.

For the more adventurous who want something more complicated, why not build an arbor bench. I am talking about a beautifully designed bench and arbor combination. You can place soft plantings near it so that you can have them grow over the top of the arbor or locate them nearby. You get a feeling of comfort and relaxation with the arbor and placement of your finished piece in the right location in your yard.

Although it is more complex, it doesn’t take a large number of tools to construct it. All you will need are a circular saw, saber saw, electric drill, hammer and nail set. It does call for ripping a few boards to smaller dimensions. If you do not feel comfortable doing that yourself, you can easily have the lumberyard rip it to your specifications for you.

You can top it off with a clear sealer on all of the surfaces and you are ready for a relaxing time in your yard.

One of my favorite woodwork bench project is the table and bench set that allows for four benches and an umbrella in the center of the table. I like it in red cedar, but you can use other quality woods like teak and redwood. It is an elegant plan and is certainly worth considering.

Source by Don D’Armond