Any professional carpenter will tell you that a sure way to a successful project is to use woodworking plans. With a good set of plans you will save time and money and be sure that your woodworking will produce the promised result.

Fortunately there is now no need to buy a set of plans for each and every project as whole sets are available for download from the internet at a fraction of the price when buying individually.

Your woodworking plans should include:

  1. A full list of materials required: enabling you not only price the job but also buy all your timber and fixings in one visit to the supplier
  2. Step by step building instructions: walking you through the project in a logical and easy sequence
  3. Detailed illustrations: allowing you to see where you are up to and closely check your handiwork
  4. A list of tools required to complete the job: great results can be achieved with just a hammer, saw and screwdriver

The amateur can really shine by using professional blueprints and turn their hobby into a self financing pastime, just check out the price of some of the rabbit hutches on Amazon!

Projects start from simple to make items such as a bird nesting boxes and tables, again these can be sold to raise cash for more advanced projects.

Some of the projects included in your woodworking plans should be more complicated such as the octagonal garden table and the ever popular garden shed

Whether you are a professional carpenter or weekend hobbyist one set of good woodworking plans should last a lifetime.

Source by Anthony Woods