This episode is jam-packed full of woodworking tips and tricks as we combine the start of our Heraldic Coat Rack Project with a guest spot presenting an instalment of Popwood Playback for Popular Woodworking. This episode is all about preparing the timber, replacing the dark walnut with English Oak, because – Dark Walnut Sucks! And English Oak is, ya know, better! Yes we are monsters. Communist ones! It truly is a woodworking scandal. Do you agree that oak is better than walnut?

Day One of the project coincided with the filming of Dirty Shed’s takeover of Popwood Playback so there’s a liberal sprinkling of idiocy interspersed with a fat dollop of maker porn as Uncle Al shows us how to make a coat rack, which really is turning into a belter of an oak furniture project. This episode is full of joinery tips, tricks and woodworking hacks from making T-slots to using epoxy. Crackatunga down your throata!


Woodworking Tips and Tricks: The Heraldic Coat Rack Project – Day One

2018-11-28 11:01:07

Dirty Shed Creations

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