I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I am trying to create something out of a piece of wood, or put together a project, I get hung up. I also tend to get a creative “writers” block where I can’t put my ideas on paper. This frustrates me to no end.

I know it does for a lot of woodworkers, especially if they are out on a job site. I definitely see this all the time in hobbyists who are trying to build a playhouse, dog house, a cradle, etc. They lack the design skills and imagination to get the job done. And even if they do draw something up and go to the local hardware store to stock up on supplies, they usually overpay in supplies and they don’t have the specific tools for the job.

Since I have been going through this stupid problem, I started looking around the internet for some help, ideas, and plans. I came across Woodworking4Home where it said I would get 14,000 plans with full colors and everything. I also found 2 other woodworking products that did the same thing somewhat. I went ahead and bought all 3. I figured what the hell, it wasn’t much money and I would have tons of plans so I would never run out of ideas. These plans included,

– DIY plans

– Cart Plans

– Dog House Plans

– Router Plans

– Rack Plans

– Wagon Plans

– Weather Station Plans

The list goes on and on.

After I purchased it, I was taken to a private members area where I was able to download all of the plans as well as constant access whenever I wanted. It also included free updates of more plans as they came out as well as bonuses I was able to download that I didn’t even know came with the entire set. Pretty gracious if you ask me. Since I got the inspiration to write this review for my fellow woodworkers, I also put up a comparison website as well about the 3 different products to cut through the clutter of what I saw each one after I bought them.

Source by Christopher Huntington