Price: $28.99 - $26.39
(as of Dec 01,2021 09:59:18 UTC – Details)

2 Tattoo Machines: If you want to use two tattoo machines to work at the same time, this is a very good choice. Of course, it also includes: practice leather, transfer paper, color cup, disposable gloves, foot pedal, thread hook, tattoo machine, tattoo needle, needle mouth brush, instructions, color needle pad.
DUAL POWER SUPPLY: The power supply used in this set is mini dual power supply, which can connect two machines and work at the same time. This beginner’s tattoo set upgrades the power core, increases the service life of the power supply and makes the tattoo machine not easy to produce sparks, so it is safer to use this set of tattoo machine.
HIGH EFFICIENCY POWER SUPPLY: After numerous tests, the foot pedal and clamp wire can quickly provide power for the tattoo machine, and the tattoo power supply can continuously output stable voltage.。
AFTER SALES GUARANTEE: 1. The package contains instructions. You can install the tattoo machine according to the instructions. Ethylene oxide sterilized tattoo needles, tips and more accessories tattoo artists. If you receive a kit with missing parts or damaged independent packaging, please feel free to contact us for a replacement refund.