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Product Name: Children’s inflatable castle, outdoor play children’s game inflatable castle, fantasy castle design, develop children’s imagination, enrich children’s childhood life, give children a healthy and happy childhood.

♥ style: children’s cartoon design
♥ Model: Western Castle Amusement Park
♥ Material: high quality oxford cloth
♥ Product features: bounce, slide, ball pool
♥ color: as shown
♥ Size: 350x223x275cm (137.7×87.7×108.2 inches)
♥ Product load capacity: 600kg
♥ Product weight: 28kg (with fan)
♥ Suitable number: 5-8 people
♥ With fan: with electric pump
♥ Applicable to: indoor and outdoor, small courtyard, playground, park, kindergarten, outing

【Product advantages】:
?【Enriched play items】: The bouncy castle can bounce freely, and has a large bounce. It can make the children jump completely, exercise the child’s bounce, and the castle has slides to enrich the playing items, making the children more happy and healthier. Live waves.
?【Safety protection design】: The bottom of the children’s inflatable castle is thick and non-slip design, the elasticity is very large, which makes the bounce high, and at the same time increases the safety of the thickened side rails, so that your children can play, very safe and secure.

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Only children’s inflatable castles are sold, other items are props;
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? Children’s inflatable castle, outdoor play children’s games inflatable castle, children’s playground, baby children’s toys, give your baby a healthy and happy childhood.
【Quality and environmentally friendly materials】: The inflatable castle is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly oxford material. The bottom is thick and non-slip design, wear-resistant, flexible, and has higher bounce force. At the same time, the heightening and sidebar safety protection is added to let your children play. Very safe and secure.
【Enriched play items】: The inflatable castle can bounce freely, and has a large bounce force, which allows the child to jump completely, can exercise the child’s jumping power, and the castle has a slide, a pool of colored balls, and rich play items. Children are happier and healthier.
【Fantasy Castle Design】: The inflatable castle is designed with dreamy children’s castle. The design is very beautiful and beautiful. The children will love it at first glance, and at the same time, they can fully mobilize the child’s power and let the children fully develop their imagination and creativity. .
【Strong bearing capacity】: Children’s inflatable castle has a strong bearing capacity, can accommodate 5-8 children at the same time to play at the same time, and can even accommodate more children, so that children can increase interaction with other children, more healthy and happy growing up.
【Applicable to】: Children’s inflatable castle can be used indoors, living room or bedroom, and can be used in outdoor, yard, park, kindergarten, playground, outdoor outings and other places, carrying very convenient, while also storage Very convenient, so you are very worry-free.