Price: $694.43
(as of Dec 04,2021 02:59:23 UTC – Details)

Weight: total weight: 389g

Battery: 3500mah lithium battery

Lens: aspheric lens, clearer picture, more transparent

Dimensions: 177mm x 133mm x 106mm

Product manual:

Ergonomic design, no pressure on the head, no weight on the head

The weight of the host is so light that it is impossible to imagine a triangle like a hat, and the power is more stable

Rear gear can adjust the elasticity of wearing, can be used with glasses .

Select a variety of fabrics, replaceable, the surface of the soft and breathable sponge fits, more breathable and comfortable

Double aspherical lens, clear and halo-free, using dispersion and distortion correction algorithms, can restore real images, support anti-blue light mode, and protect your eyes

Sandbox-shaped volcano formation process and panoramic study of crustal movement, make knowledge more three-dimensional, improve children’s understanding and memory

Visit the art museum, enter the fantasy world of Chinese and foreign famous paintings, improve children’s artistic cultivation and aesthetic ability

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