Efforts in taking these “bold steps” are of particular importance at our LEED-certified tea production facility in Eugene – the first LEED-certified tea production facility in the world.
Built in 2018, this production facility has enabled our team to implement new practices that help to minimize waste and heat emissions, reduce pollution, and maximize water efficiency.
This targeted focus on sustainability has also encouraged team members to be more mindful of our environmental footprint, leading them to suggest and implement sustainability efforts of their own.
“One of the things that’s key to having a successful sustainability program is to really have buy-in from everyone throughout the company,” Buckles explained. “And part of that is creating a culture where employees feel empowered and excited to share in that sustainability passion.”
For example, Buckles explained how one employee noted that we were using new plastic bags for our recycling bin, while at the same time discarding bags from raw materials, which could instead be repurposed for bagging the recycling.
By sharing this feedback, this employee highlighted yet another way to minimize our environmental impact, which ultimately led to reducing our plastic consumption and minimizing waste.

Instead of lining our recycling bins with plastic bags, we re-use bags that were originally used to package raw materials.

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