Demons Souls

Online support is also included, but in a different manner than in other role-playing games. Players that have journeyed through parts of the land can leave behind hints and messages that subsequent travelers will encounter. You'll also be able to replay death scenes from unsuccessful heroes, warning you of the potential dangers lying ahead, and even attempt to "invade" another person's game to cause mayhem. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide.
Designed in the spirit of the Diablo series, Demon's Souls features a dark, open-ended world with multiple ways to build your character, through the acquisition of skills, weapons, armor, and experience.
Venture across lands ravaged by fire, smog, and decay from a third-person perspective set behind your hero.
Your decisions and actions in the world will have consequences, influencing the types of events that become available, your rewards, and even the aggressiveness of creatures.