This video is dedication to all of our students as attending our first ever carpentry class. We will document further courses and make longer whole process videos.

Course participants learn the traditional carpentry – historical way of building a house, in a timber framing and full scribe log building practical educational course, using only hand tools. Students also learn about the historical and cultural context of log-building in Latvia.

The class is split into two groups of 8 students, working on the log building and timber frame respectively. After 5 days, the groups switch from one build to the other. 5 days one group of 8 students will work on the log house building and other group of 8 students will work on the timber frame building. After 5 days the groups exchange and work another 5 days. So in 10 days each student learns the basics of traditional full scribe log house building with wind-locked, dovetail notches and traditional timber framing joinery.

Students learn how to lay out timber frame joinery using the traditional Square Rule, and French scribe method using plumb bob; cut mortise and tenon joints using hand tools; assemble (fixing with white oak pegs) and raise the frame. Course schedule is divided between the morning-daytime hands-on learning of woodworking skills as we cut our frame and logs, and the evening free sessions where we view slides and discuss a variety of topics relating to timber frame design and construction, log building, documentaries, lifestyle and enjoying being together. As well as live acoustic music on the barn stage some special evenings.

All the woodwork is carried out with traditional hand tools alone (axes, chisels, hand saws, augers, beam drills, drawknives, planes and e.t.c.) – made by The Northmen Guild and also old, restored hand tools. This event happens in a huge timber framed barn, on the grounds of the beautiful old manor of Ratnieki ( where all students work under one roof. All students are living in the nearby manor house itself, eating local organic food and enjoying the rural countryside and nature of Latvia while learning the craft from the Northmen guild’s Master Carpenters. For this years course (September 18-28) there are few spots available. More courses coming in 2018 – May, August and September.

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