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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The family of a smoke shop employee killed by robbers is surprised to see who police have arrested in the case.

Three suspects now in police custody and the owner is shocked to see at least two of them are customers.

Family of Mohammed Hamed are in their third day of mourning.

“They will continue to miss him. They will continue to pray for him, and we continue to pray for the family,” says Hatim Fariz, the director of Islamic Community of Tampa.

Manatee County deputies say late Tuesday night 23-year-old Hamed was working at Green Galaxy Smoke and Vape Shop in Bradenton when Michael Hepner drives up in a silver car. James Brewer is the distraction. Right behind him Amado Zeppi and a 4th man rob the store. Detectives say Zeppi used an SKS rifle and bayonet and shot Hamed.

“The brother is telling me that they are his customers,” says Fariz.

The same brother who watched on surveillance video from Tampa.

“He would always give them a discount. When they short he would forgive them for the rest of the change. He was shocked when he saw their pictures on tv,” says Fariz.

Now deputies have arrested 3 out of the 4 suspects.

“Relieved somewhat. Justice is getting served tonight,” says Fariz.

Deputies have not made an arrest of that fourth suspect. Hamed’s family says they plan to follow the trials of the suspects in this case.

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