Day 1B and 1C of the 2019 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic are in the books. A total of 532 entries have now been made through the first four starting flights of this tournament, which means the prize pool has grown to $81,200. There are now just two $250 buy-in starting flights remaining, with day 2 direct buy-in also available.

April Champion Adam WeinraubThe tournament features an estimated prize pool of $150,000. That number is very liokely to be well surpassed, with the event having previously drawn as many as 949 entries to create a prize pool worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The April 2019 running of the San Diego Classic drew 728 total entries, with Adam Weinraub earning $32,212 as the eventual champion.

Flight 1C saw a total of 143 entries made, while flight 1D added another 132. With 257 entries from the first two starting flights, the total number has now grown to 532. A total of 33 players moved on from flights 1C and 1D, with the largest stack belonging to Mohammad Sotoudeh (614,500).

There are still two starting flights remaining in this tournament. Players can also take advantage of the Quantum Tournament structure of this event can buy directly into day 2 for $1,500 on Sunday, July 21. Players that elect to take advantage of this option will receive 170,000 in tournament chips, and can also pay a $30 optional staff add-on to receive another 30,000. Blinds will begin at 1,500-3,000 on day 2. Players can re-enter once before the end of the second level on day 2.

A combined total of 61 players have moved on to day 2. Mohammad Sotoudeh and Josh Vlahos both qualified twice and will be taking their largest stacks forward into day 2. Here is a look at the chip counts of those that survived from flights 1 A-D:

Player Chip Count
Mohammad Sotoudeh 614,500
Rafi Azam 482,000
Tom Schafer 457,500
Benjamin Jensen 452,500
Robert Pagcaliwagan 443,500
Kevin Weason 416,500
Ali Salehi 414,400
Barry Seidman 410,500
Logan Bennett 402,000
Scott Lewis 369,000
Jerry Snell 368,000
Robert Vasquez 355,500
David Weeks 352,500
Brigitte Spiteri 346,000
Raymond Gonzales 329,500
William Wolf 319,000
Gary Crite 288,500
Steve Firestone 278,500
Tim Bresien 256,500
Aaric West 245,500
Josh Vlahos 234,500
Bob Doerfler 221,000
Robert Lefkowitz 216,500
Alex Motigue 215,500
David Schraer 196,000
Bob Campbell 194,000
MD Shifat Uddin 188,500
Narege Kamakian 186,000
Michael Lambesis 182,500
Christopher Marble 180,000
Mike Kornblum 176,000
Stanley Edward Lipka 176,000
Michael Piellucci 172,500
Jess Steinberg 169,000
Ken Pollack 168,000
Daniel VanStogteren 164,000
Afzal Atta 146,500
Alain Connelly 146,000
Tyler Moore 133,500
Brad Sholl 111,000
Mike Tremblay 110,000
Nabor Delgado 105,000
David Icke 104,000
Lucy Hargett 103,000
Sravesh Chinnappa 100,500
Sharon Thorson 99,500
Nicholas Schmit 96,500
Pedro Prado 93,500
Joshua Bautista 93,000
Nicholas Pasto 86,500
Jimmy Ong 84,000
Dwayne Buth 83,000
Brian Bridgeman 82,000
Jon Gunter 61,000
Ron Novini 55,500
Sam Michmali 53,000
Jeffrey Knopov 48,500
Glenn Poole 41,000
Adam Martel 33,000
Joseph Anthony 13,000
Tom Czyszczon 10,500

Ocean’s 11 is the only casino in Southern California located along the Pacific Ocean on the Interstate 5 freeway, less than a mile from some of the area’s most picturesque beaches.

The property also boasts 50 tables of the best poker and table games found anywhere in California with all the favorite poker games, including no-limit and limit hold’em, Omaha, Omaha eight-or-better, pot-limit Omaha, and crazy pineapple.

Previous winners of this event include Shawn Busse, Robert DeAgazio, Barry Knowlton, Barry Seidman, Scott “Brian” Blount, David McCaw, Seth Brown, Matthew Welch, and Adam Weinraub. For more information on this event, please visit the CPPT homepage.




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