While many Crypto folks are out chasing the latest shiny offering on the market I am looking for hidden gems that already exist. The project tokens I hold are all ones that I am an active part of the community. Speculation is only a part of why I hold the projects I have chosen.

The things I look for in an undervalued project.-


  1. Current Low Market Cap Value.
  2. The Team is Working Hard on Delivering a Product.
  3. The Project has a Thriving Community.
  4. New Product Offerings or Upcoming News.
  5. The Platform has a Use Case.


My List of Crypto Projects I Believe are Undervalued.


    1. Halo Platform – This is one I have been telling the Crypto world about since the ICO in mid-2017. Like many projects, the market cap value has dropped 90% since the high. Unlike many other projects, the Halo team has been delivering what they promised on their road map consistently. My favorite part is how simple it is to use the Halo Masternode system. The team has launched the HaloDEX and Block and Chain Games. Scott Morrison and the team are currently working building out a next-generation exchange. Current Price $0.000434 USD or .00000005 BTC and a market cap of $1.7 Million.
    2. Fluz Fluz – This project is a cash back app. I first met Maurice Harary and Stefan Krautwald in 2017 when they launched the ICO for Fluz Fluz. They were so driven that I had to buy some of the tokens. A year and a half later and the team is about to deliver the Fluz Fluz cash back app in the United States. You can sign up for Fluz Fluz here if you want to save money almost everywhere you shop including Amazon. The app is gorgeous and the team listens to its community. The token itself will have uses within the app for things such as Double Cash Back. Current Price $0.013767 USD or .00000172 BTC and a market cap of $2.8 Million.
    3. Aeryus – This one hasn’t even hit Coin Market Cap yet! Nicholus Andrews and the All-Star team he assembled have been building their first product ChainPayments. It is the first complete transactional network built for digital currencies. The team has been working hard for two years. When they listed the Aeryus token on IDEX recently the community excitement grew exponentially. The team announced a massive token burn of 99% of the Aeryus token supply on Twitter to happen this week. Current Price $0.05 USD or .00000625 BTC and a market cap of $2.5 Million.
    4. Trybe.One – This one is a social media network built on the EOS blockchain. I first heard about it in mid-2018 when I signed up. Scott Norwood and the team have been consistently updating the platform. As a social media pro, I was initially annoyed by the interface but the latest version has made it much easier to use. Since I am a content producer I take every article I write and republish it on my Trybe.One account. Other users vote for my content and I earn a little Crypto as a reward. I also hold Trybe.One in my EOS wallet where I earn 10% airdrops monthly and an added 25% airdrop for holding my tokens locked-up for six months. Current Price $0.0044 USD or .00000055 BTC and a market cap of $4.4 Million.


Finding Hidden Gems in the World of Crypto is Fun and Can Be Highly Rewarding.


Instead of just relying on other people to find value in the market I recommend spending some time every day and researching projects. Get to know the team and community. Also if you find a project that resonates with you, why not get involved as I have? Speculation is easy to do but being part of something actually takes an investment of more than your money.

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