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Whenever we say the words green tea, we immediately associate it with different varieties and tremendous health benefits. We could never have been more correct. There is strong evidence that different types of tea, indeed, have many health benefits. In fact, Genmaicha tea is one of those types.

Genmaicha tea is known as an exotic recipe related with making brown rice and popcorn with delicate green tea leaves known as Bancha. This type of tea has a typical sweetness with a light scent and pleasant aroma.

There is an interesting legend behind Genmaicha tea. It was known that a slave carelessly dropped some rice in the tea of his samurai master during the brewing and as a consequence, he was beheaded. The master then tasted the brew and was impressed with how it turned out. He called this special brew Genmaicha as a respect to the slain worker. Today, it is popularly known as “popcorn tea” given the appearance of rice that pops during the roasting process.

The Genmaicha tea has numerous health nutrients. It is known to be a modest source of Vitamin B. It also contains less caffeine which makes it a safe drink for those individuals who are caffeine sensitive. The health benefits that one get from Genmaicha tea come from flavonoids and antioxidants that are naturally abundant in the plant called camellia sinensis where all types of green tea come from.

Here are 5 of the most important health benefits that you get from drinking Genmaicha tea:

1. Antioxidant Property – A tea is never a healthy drink without its famous content of antioxidants. Even though Genmaicha tea has a small amount of brown rice that gives it its distinctive flavor, it retains all the benefits found in other green tea and one of them is the antioxidant property. It helps improve the immune system, detoxifies the liver and protects cells from damaging. Antioxidants help cleanse the body from toxic materials.

2. Lower Risk of Cancer – A study reveals that catechins present in Genmaicha tea can restrain mestasis or the spread of tumor cells.

3. Weight Loss – If you are longing to lose some excess weight, consumption of tea will help you achieve it. A study shows that green tea like Genmaicha has the ability to enhance the burning of fats two hours after ingesting it in the body. It is recommended that you drink two to three cups everyday.

4. Relaxing and Calming Effects – Tea contains calming effects on the brain. An amino acid known as Theanine, which can affect the brain’s neurotransmitters is helpful in increasing the activities of the brain allowing the person drinking the tea to feel relaxed but alert at the same time.

5. Joint and Bone Health – Frequent drinking of Genmaicha tea can improve join and bone health that is why this type of tea is a typical choice for people suffering from rheumatism or arthritis.

When choosing a variety of tea that has a good number of health benefits, make it Genmaicha tea. It brings not only refreshing taste and aroma, it can offer you huge benefits with guaranteed satisfaction.

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