Time lapse documentation of A Kiss For Luck, originally performed in a storefront gallery in Manhattan, NY from July 23-August 11, 2013. Over the course of three weeks, I transformed an old wooden boat into a sea of shavings. This video compresses the entire process into 15 minutes of time lapse. In this alternate edit, the footage has been juxtaposed against a key audio selection from NASA recordings of the 1961 MA-5 mission.

A Kiss For Luck tumblr archive: http://a-kiss-for-luck.tumblr.com/

Prior press: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130730/garment-district/boat-transforms-sea-of-shavings-midtown-storefront

This project made possible via the support of the New York based non profits Open Source Gallery and chashama.

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