The day after a heavy night "on the town" will go slowly and you must listen to your body. It did what you wanted to do yesterday so it is time to treat it gently and do as it requests. Do not try anything strenuous. You have filled your body with poison so give it a chance to get back to full fitness in its own time.

Recovery tips

Drink water upon rising. This rehydrates you. Sips are better than overloading with a whole glass in one go. Aim for about 250 ml (quarter pint) every half-hour.

Have hot water, lemon juice and a dash of honey in place of caffeine. Drink as much as you want. This reduces the acidity of your stomach and balances your blood sugar levels.

Make yourself a breakfast of muesli, yoghurt, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. No matter how tempested you are to resort to the fry-up, just do not. Eat more muesli if you need to nibble but do not go greasy. Just think of the grease, oil and fats all churning up inside, compared to the absorbent oats, nuts and fruits. This balances your stomach acid and blood sugar, and provides good solid nutritious energy with no sugar slump afterwards.

Drink peppermint tea and plenty of water through the day. This rehydrates you some more and settles your digestion.

Drink a little fizzy water. Carbonated water helps to re-oxygenate your blood.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, brown rice, non-dairy cheeses and yoghurts, grilled fish, seeds, nuts and pulses. These foods will keep your energy levels steady.

Take it easy

Relax but do not just lie on the sofa. Go out for a long walk to increase your circulation, do some mild exercise to purge the toxins but do not work too hard, just enough to give you a bit of a glow. Once you have had some fresh air, then you have earned the right to some time in a comfortable chair with a good film or book – or even the Sunday papers.

Have a relaxing lavender bath before bed and try to get an early night. The lavender bath relaxes both body and mind – it is also a key ingredient in detox diet but can provide some much needed support here as well. Lavender essential oil is brilliant for the Quick-Fix Hangover Detox as its main properties are those of calming, soothing and balancing.

Balancing is the key: detox is about bringing life into balance, getting rid of the bad and enhancing the good, removing the stress and adding the calm. In a balanced state we can mend. Mind, body and spirit are all given a chance to heal if they are no longer under pressure.

There is nothing more likely to put you out of balance than a corker of a hangover. Bathing in lavender will ease muscle tension, encourage cell growth, balance your mood, and relax you in preparation for a much-needed night's sleep. By the time you wake you should be clear of any alcoholic residue and hopefully you will have made up your sleep deficiency from the day before.

Source by Michelle Spencer