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As most Floridians know, alligators can be found in bodies of water throughout the state, waiting for their next meal or perhaps digesting one.

They’re not usually positioned at crime scenes, though.

On Friday morning, deputies from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office responding to a call about a submerged car at Newnans Lake near Palm Point Park in Gainesville got an unexpected visit from one.

A release on the sheriff’s Facebook page says that two deputies on land and the dive team were at the lake and saw the alligator in the water just feet from the car.

It was “quickly determined” that no one was in the car, which was determined to be stolen.

But the gator may not have realized that.

A picture shows the large reptile, in a stationary position, peering at the vehicle from just a few feet away.

“And we all thought being on the bomb team was dangerous,” according to a news release with the headline, “Gator Guards Stolen Car.”

Commenters couldn’t resist cracking some jokes:

Clearly the gator stole the car and was upset at you taking his new ride away.

“Dinner right there!”

“Did anyone ask the gator if it had been emptied earlier?”

“Who got in first? Need a bravery medal.”

“That’s just crazy.”

“I see the gators are keeping an eye on it. Lol.”

“Clearly the gator stole the car and was upset at you taking his new ride away.”

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