Probably the most asked question by those outside of the crypto community, with an interest in crypto is this; am I too late to buy Bitcoin? It’s a good question. Historically, Bitcoin has already seen one of the biggest bull runs it will probably ever see. Moreover, this question is well justified when we look at the price of Bitcoin over time, moving from simply just dollars, to $20,000.00 per Bitcoin.

As an investment, it’s history is very rich – as our those who bought in years ago. Now though, the industry is very different, as is the landscape for investors.

Bitcoin no longer promises to instantly fly back to $20,000.00 and, with the price of a single Bitcoin still quite high, new investors are often put off simply because they don’t think they will see as big a return on their investment as those who bought prior to the bull run that accelerated Bitcoin to the top over a year ago now.

How do we answer this question? We all know that as investors, it benefits us when new people start to invest. Why? This causes fresh money to enter the markets. Fresh money leads to positivity as a result of a price surge. It’s the same as any product, the more people that buy it, the higher the eventual value of the product, right? So, when we answer this question, we don’t want to put people off buying by saying yes, they are too late, but we also don’t want to be held responsible for our friends blowing a load of money on Bitcoin and then the price sinking, that would make us look terrible.

The correct answer is that it’s up to them. If they think they are too late to buy, then they shouldn’t’ buy. If however, they think Bitcoin still has a promising future, then ask them what’s stopping them? The pure answer to the question is one that encourages them to go on and do their own research. There’s only so much information you can share about your experience within Bitcoin and thus, the best option for them is to go and learn more about it themselves. By educating themselves, your friends and those who are asking this question are at the very least giving themselves a fighting chance of making a bit of money from their Bitcoin investment, bull run or not.

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