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After turning the solid egg is the last video, I wondered what other types of Easter eggs could I make for my 3D printed Easter Bunny.

This Easter egg is hollow for a small treat inside. A rubber hairband holds it together since the joints are along the long section of the egg.

To make this egg:
1. Tropical hardwood pen blanks are glued together with paper joints.
2. Turn the egg. Remember than an ideal egg’s length is 1.29 x its diameter and the big end is a hemisphere.
3. Cut a shallow groove at the middle of the egg for the rubber hairband.
4. Sand and finish
5. Using a Dremel tool with a small burr, grind out the wood to hollow each piece.
6. Gently sand off any remaining paper.

Remember that you can find a 3D printer at a public library. The STL pattern file is available from Thingiverse.

The perfect egg is reviewed in this video. (Woodturn My Eggs Easy Over Please).

However, while we’re having some Easter fun, please also remember the true reason for Easter.


Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used with permission.

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