Anzfer Farms is a workshop and showroom located in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco. Started by Jonathan Anzalone and Joseph Ferriso in 2009 as a place to create unique objects and installations. Combining a shared interest in quality, craftsmanship and design along with a passion for contemporary art and art history, Anzfer Farms draws no line between gallery and living space, functional and non-functional.

Before co-founding Anzfer Farms in 2009 Joseph worked as a fine art framer, fabricator and installer for artists, designers and institutions in NYC. Meanwhile Jonathan apprenticed with a fine furniture maker in New England and also worked with artists and estates doing fabrication, framing and restoration.

Both Jonathan and Joseph maintain a painting and drawing studio practice which feeds the collaborative pieces of Anzfer Farms. Working primarily with salvaged materials Anzfer Farms seeks to create strong and elegant pieces exploring timeless ideas of color and form.

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