Mark McGinnis here from Avenstar and both Kim and I had a blast interviewing and getting to know Anne Shutan of Boulder, Colorado. This is the 5th Boulder artist we have interviewed as part of a series we are doing. This woman is a master woodworker and an artists. Coming from a long line of woodworkers in my own family – all I had to see is her big PowerMatic table saw (just like mine and the one my Dad had) and the way she manages the huge band saw in the back of her shop – well I knew she was a serious woodworker. Anne makes wood furniture, doors, and sculptures all beautifully come alive.

This video was shot entirely with the Canon D5 Mark II. We kept the warm amber colors “as is” – and did not do any color correcting whatsoever. This camera is truly amazing with its high-sensitivity to light and wonderful visual depth of field magic . Play this video full screen and see the details. We used a Tamron 70-200mm lens and put the project together in FCP. I had my little backup Canon HD Vixia shooting in parallel as well and the minimally used footage is a bit more flat and unremarkable.

Anne’s wood sculptures, beautiful custom doors, paintings and other artwork can be found at Copyright 2009 Avenstar Enterprises, Inc.

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