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Wanna Be Famous Like Snooki

Wanna Be Famous? How Snooki Did It

Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi was born in November 23, 1987 in Santiago de Chile and was adopted when she was six months old by Italian American citizens. While attending to high school she was the first one, of her group, to kiss a boy and was given her famous nickname after a character named Snooki who did the same in the movie, Save the Last Dance.

After high school she went to study veterinary technician in a community college.

Big Break: A Hot Chick?

Snooki had her big break in episode 14 of the reality MTV show “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” inspired on the successful website (yes, apparently she is a hot chick. I couldn’t believe it either), during summer 2009.  

In each episode, “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” examines one couple as the female ends the episode making a decision about her douchebag boyfriend; will she stay with him or move on to a better man?

The casting director for that episode was Leyna Noelani Ambron who approached her boyfriend was casted to the TV series

Initial Appeal : Reality Super Drama Hook

In episode 14, Justin “Jerz Pud”, her boyfriend at the time appeared on the show with her. Snooki, then known as “Nicole the Jerzette”, gave some super dramatic talk down to Jerz on the dance floor and outside the club for flirting with other girls and ignoring her while the girls were present. The ratings and comments of that episode shoot through the roof and she got the attention of the producers.

Claim To Fame: Her GTL Lifestyle

After her dramatic appearance Snooki was scouted by a casting director from Doron Ofir Casting for a new MTV reality TV show, Jersey Shore. The GTL (gym, tan, laundry) members of the show lived outrageous, full of drama, obnoxious and reckless lives. The appeal to the show, as a friend of mine put it is; – “This show is like a train wreck waiting to happen. You know something terrible is about to happen and you can’t stop watching”. She was quickly recognized as “the breakout member of the cast” due to her minor runs with the police for disturbing the peace as well as disorderly conduct and criminal annoyance of others. During the Italian season of Jersey Shore Snooki pulled another one of her “clueless reckless actions” that help her maintain her strange claim to fame. In May 31, 2011 in Florence, Italy, while driving, she collided with a parked traffic police car resulting in a citation and sustained minor injuries to two police officers.

Talent: What Is She Famous For

She is known as being;

  • super slutty
  • stupid
  • ugly
  • and overall just a terrible person
  • She makes a lot of dumb comments and she likes to party a lot
  • Her sexual preference is bisexual
  • and she is super small with a big attitude

How to Become Famous like Snooki

Apply for all new reality TV shows available at MTV here; MTV Casting Calls. Once, you get chosen develop a natural, controversial and dramatic personality that is contrstinc and over the top. Give some drama to the camera and something to talk about to MTV’s audience.

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