Affiliate marketing is when you, as an affiliate, promote a company's product or service in exchange for revenue, otherwise known as a commission.

As an affiliate for a company you'll have an unique affiliate URL link that directs a prospect to the product sales page on the company's website. If the prospects buys the product after clicking on your link, the company will pay you a commission based on the total value of the sale. Your affiliate links can be used on your website, blogs, social media pages and emails. In fact anywhere that you can reach your target audience.

This popular business model is the simplest way to start your own online business.

Do You Need A Website To Get Started?

Some beginners do start affiliate marketing without website. They direct potential customers to product sales pages using online advertisements or social media links.

However, the most successful affiliate marketers build relationships and add value with their target market on their own website.

Think of it like meeting someone in person for the first time. They introduce themselves and immediately try to sell you something. Your reaction is to get away from them as soon as possible. Well, the same principle is relevant to affiliate marketing. You want to engage with the prospects first and build a relationship with them so they come to know, like and trust your recommendations.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

One of the great benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to develop, store, organize delivery or manage payment systems for the products and services you are selling. The product owner takes care of all these things. There's also no need to worry about answering any customer questions or issues, as all you are doing is referring business.

While it may sound like a quick and easy way to make money, you do have to put in some time and work to build your business.

Where Do You Find Products To Sell?

There are numerous products and services you can sell as an affiliate. Many people start with Amazon Associates where you can earn income by promoting the countless numbers of products that are on sale at The beauty is in the simplicity. As an Amazon associate, you advertise a product using a link on your own website and when a consumer clicks through and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

You can also sell digital products that your customer can download instantly to their computer after purchase. If you plan to promote digital products, you can find affiliate programs on sites like,, and

Source by Jon Allo