A true ally of health

Always surprising, green tea now adds to its long list of benefits, different external applications. If you want to know what these uses are treated, read this article to be aware.

For a long time, tea has a worldwide reputation and is recognized as one of the healthiest and most healing beverages available. All this recognition is due above all to the large number of medicinal properties it has.

Numerous are the scientific studies that have been carried out and are still being done, to discover new benefits that can contribute to health. Were you aware?

The latest medical research has achieved surprising results. See how you can use green tea in different ways.

External uses of tea

Helps treat oral conditions such as halitosis, gingivitis and tooth decay

Thanks to its antibacterial power and its fluoride content. It is suitable to eliminate bad breath and protects oral health by fighting infections that produce inflammation in the gums.

It is also good for treating mouth sores. Its germicidal action has been proven and is used in the manufacture of toothpaste. How is it used? You can rinse with a well-loaded green tea. Another option is to rinse with a mixed tea, composed of leaves of sage, strawberry and tea.

Improves eye diseases

It is very useful to treat conjunctivitis, tired eyes, styes, dark circles and other eye conditions.

How is it used? Apply wet compresses in green tea made with one tablespoon of leaves per cup. Another practical way to prevent redness of the eyes and rest them is to apply the same tea bag used to drink, over closed eyes for ten minutes.

Green tea leaves

Effectively treats vaginitis and genital warts

To use it for this purpose, prepare a tea with 2 tablespoons of leaves for a liter of water. Let cool and go gently with a cotton wool in the area where you feel itching, stinging or redness. In minutes you will feel relief.

Relieves sunburn

Especially if they affect your eyelids. For this you can apply cold tea bags that will be of great help.

Conceals gray hair

The infusions of tea have the property of darkening the hair. Which is why they are very good to use as a hair dye to disguise gray hair. There are already in the market a la vente, products that contain it among its ingredients.

Different ways to consume green tea

Due to its great popularity and demand, the offers at the time of consuming this curative drink have multiplied. You can find it for sale presented in the following formats:

In loose sheets

In bags or sachets

In tablets, pills or capsules

Matcha tea

In essential oil

In ointments

In creams

In cosmetic products

Have you already decided how you are going to use it?

Other benefits of green tea

Regulates blood glucose levels. You will discover how this curative drink can help you prevent the development of type 1 diabetes or delay its progression.

Soothes the skin with psoriasis. You will discover that some components of green tea have the ability to regulate the growth of cells, preventing them from becoming too thick and from origin to this skin disease.

Prevents the formation of kidney stones. You will learn how through some scientific research, it has been discovered that Tian Mu Mao Feng Tea extract has the ability to disintegrate calcium oxalate that can be found in excess in your body.

Improves the health of the skin. You will find different ways to use green tea to treat various skin conditions, for example acne, dermatitis or psoriasis.

Source by Demarcus Martin