Anyone who’s sharpened high-quality, high-performance woodworking tools, such as planes and chisels, will tell you that consistency is key. Axes require the same level of attention and detail to reach their full potential in use. While jigs for plane blades, chisels, and other woodworking tools are common, and easily accessible, there are no such jigs available for axes. At least none that we found. So we set out to build one ourselves. Combining the research of a few homemade models built by others, our own knowledge of edge sharpening, and a few items we had in the shop, we concepted and created the first prototype of our own sharpening jig.

Our jig is attachable to the DMT diamond sharpening file we’ve just recently added to our store at

Results so far have been very promising. Although we still have a few changes to make on our next version. Stay tuned for more details as we make further improvements!

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