Bill Perkins is offering $100,000 to anyone who can help bring the murderer of Joshua Brown, a key witness in the recent Amber Guyger murder trial, to justice. The hedge fund manager and high-stakes poker player believes that “someone somewhere has information that can help solve this crime.”

Bill Perkins Joshua Brown murder

Bill Perkins is putting good use to his endless supply of money. (Image: Wall Street Journal)

Brown was murdered just days after Guyger was sentenced for killing Botham Jean, a man who lived in her apartment complex. She argued that she entered what she believed was her unit. But it turned out to be the residency of Jean, who was completely innocent and unarmed.

Many believe Guyger, a Caucasian woman, murdered Jean because she is a racist. Others feel she simply made a mistake and that race had nothing to do with this case. Some, including Jean’s 18-year-old brother, don’t think Guyger deserves any jail time. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The prosecution sought a 28-year sentence to match the victim’s age.

Polarizing Case

On September 6, 2018, Amber Guyger, a member of the Dallas police force, returned home to her apartment following a 13-hour shift. Upon entering what she claims to have thought was her unit, she shot and killed an unarmed man, Botham Jean, who was eating ice cream.

But she wasn’t actually in her own apartment unit. Instead, she had, by her own account, accidentally entered Jean’s unit. She claims she was tired from work and didn’t realize she was on the wrong floor. Jean’s apartment was left unlocked.

Guyger claims she didn’t know the victim and only shot him because it was dark and she felt scared. The prosecution, however, argued that she had no right to shoot Jean since he was in his own apartment and was unarmed.

But many believe her motive was racially charged, although there isn’t any evidence to prove she is a racist. Still, that doesn’t mean she had a right to defend against an unarmed man who was merely eating ice cream in his own home with deadly force. Some believe she could have handled the situation without shooting Botham Jean. And there are many who aren’t buying her story that she was unaware she wasn’t in her unit.

Bill Perkins Offers Reward

The Botham Jean murder case took another unexpected turn on Friday night when tragedy struck again. And Bill Perkins is putting up his own money to bring another murder suspect to justice.

Joshua Brown, a key witness on the Guyger murder trial and a neighbor of Jean, was murdered Friday night and no one seems to know who was involved. Bill Perkins is offering $100,000 to anyone who can find Brown’s killer.

Brown testified that he heard Guyger and Jean’s voices prior to the shooting. He said in court that he never heard Jean issue any warning commands. Brown was discovered lying down in a pool of blood in a parking lot Friday night. Police haven’t arrested anyone as of yet and it’s unclear if they have any strong leads.


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