Daily Crypto News – April 29, 2019

1) India’s crypto-ban:  Is the ‘urgent crypto ban’ killing the ‘Digital India’ dream?: While the world is racing to adopt crypto, why is the Indian government adamant on banning it? Will India ever be crypto-friendly? What can crypto change in India?

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2) Zhao Dong on Bitfinex: In a recent Weibo post, Zhao Dong commented that Bitfinex will survive. Dong wrote that he was “fortunate to become a Bitfinex shareholder” and that results for him have been very happy.

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3) Ayre accuses Binance of money laundering: Calvin Ayre, the founder of Ayre group and a massive BSV proponent has called out the Changpeng Zhao-led exchange for “laundering money for terror groups” as well as “market manipulation”.

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4) Global crypto-adoption: In a major boost to cryptocurrency espousal around the globe, the Russian Federation is planning to open up four of its regions to test innovations that do not fall under the purview of its current legislation.

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5) XRP least affected by volatility: The latest piece of research from Binance’s analysis wing in their series of “Categorizing Cryptoassets” tackles the correlation between top digital assets, on the basis of weekly returns. Ripple’s XRP was found to be the “best diversified,” albeit among cryptos with a market cap over $3 billion, of which there are only seven.

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6) Bitcoin Cash sees bearish breakout: Despite developments in the space managing to keep certain cryptos afloat, many are falling under the pressure of the bear. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is an example of the latest fall after it plunged by over 8% over the last 24 hours.

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