Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver suggests ICOs aren’t dead yet

The annual DevCon 5 conference for Ethereum played host to many attendees, many of whom are prominent personalities in the crypto-community. Ran NeuNer, Host of Crypto Trader, recently interviewed Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver on the sidelines of the event.

Decentralized Finance or ‘DeFi’ has been one of the most popular applications in the crypto-space lately, and the dApp has steadily grown into a $500 million industry over the past 12 months.

Talking about DeFi, Roger Ver said that the idea of DeFi intrigued him due to its characteristics as a non-custodian financial service. Ver claimed that the functionality of Ethereum and ERC-2o tokens in DeFI was excellent, but Bitcoin Cash tokens could be implemented in the DeFi ecosystem in a more precise manner. Additionally, Ver said that Bitcoin Cash’s network presented the ideal platform to create a security token. He said,

“You can now make Bitcoin Cash tokens, send them to anyone, anywhere in the world and then pay dividends directly on chain to every token holder with whatever address and whatver country they are present in.”

Ver also took the time to highlight Bitcoin Cash’s eventual form as a stablecoin in the cryptospace. He stressed that with BCH, users will be able to pay the interest that’s acquired on the fiat currency in the bank, directly on-chain to all the stablecoin holders in the network via a new tool introduced on the BCH network.

Ver also addressed the dormant trend of ICOs, with the BCH proponent suggesting that Initial Coin Offerings should not be underestimated yet. He believes that it is still a very ‘powerful’ tool to connect investors with entrepreneurs around the globe.

He added,

“Ethereum is fantastic as an ICO platform. If people want to have an ICO today, Ethereum is a fantastic platform to do it on because you have all this infrastructure already in place.”

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