There’s something very sweet about the idea of Bitcoin adoption. Imagine a utopian universe in which your boss pays you in Bitcoin. You can then use that Bitcoin to pay your bills, go to the shops, by a drink, save money, fuel your car and use it in exactly the same way we use FIAT currency today. The problem with FIAT currency is that when we receive our payment, it’s handled by a bank, a middleman that has a financial interest in our debts and money owed. Banks have built their entire wealth from the ability to lend money to people who can’t pay it back, allowing them to charge interest. With banks handling our money, there’s an element of risk. Too many times have we seen financial crashes thanks to banking activities that have gone on to cause us – normal people, to lose money.

Bitcoin adoption promises to solve all of this by giving us control over our money, making us free from debt and allowing us, as normal people, to control the financial system. Yes, we’re a way off this yet, although the utopian vision does help me sleep at night.

Bitcoin is currently facing a battle against the mainstream world. I don’t need to tell you, the crypto enthusiast about the benefits of cryptocurrency. We all know that Bitcoin is great and we all know that Bitcoin promises to change the world, so, what do we need to do to make the rest of the world realise that?

This is a battle that needs to be fought by us all, as a community. A Bitcoin army, a crypto force, one that demands to be reckoned with. Bitcoin vs the world is a battle that faces many obstacles, obstacles that can only be tackled by honest investors who are willing to wait this out. It’s hard being a Bitcoin investor, though don’t you want to be there, at the top of it all when Bitcoin finally becomes the norm? Changes are being made. Each day Bitcoin edges one step closer to winning the battle. Out of the trenches and into no mans land, this is where we now find ourselves. Bitcoin is unsure and uncertain. Regulation needs to come into play to help it along, and when it does? Adoption.

Bitcoin can’t fight the world alone. It needs us as the crypto community to stand tall and to fight for the rights it deserves. Tell your friends about Bitcoin, gift a chunk to your family. Use Bitcoin to facilitate conversation, wear Bitcoin t shirts. Inform and educate people about Bitcoin. By working together, we can make huge changes and finally, that utopian vision may very well come true.

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