Boulder City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously for an emergency resolution declaring a climate emergency and reaffirming Boulder’s commitment to climate action.

Members voted with little discussion, though they reminded those watching the meeting that the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis will hold its first field hearing Aug. 1 in Boulder.

City staff also is formulating a 2030 Climate Mobilization Action Plan, a 10-year plan to address climate change that goes further than the city’s 2016 climate commitment.

Boulder staff is examining a September launch for community engagement and strategy development of the action plan. They plan to bring a strategy back to council in the spring, and the city has launched a website for the effort:

Earlier Tuesday, Boulder County commissioners voted unanimously to approve a proclamation “that a climate emergency threatens our county, region, state, nation and the natural world.”

“We in Boulder County know firsthand the incredible damages from a changing climate, be it devastating wildfires, floods, droughts, heat waves,” said Commissioner Elise Jones. “This proclamation serves to highlight, again, as we’ve done before in the past, the urgency and the magnitude of this existential threat.”

Longmont City Council did not act on a proposed resolution declaring a climate emergency Tuesday night but is expected to discuss the possibility — and the language the measure’s proponents have proposed — during an Aug. 9 work session.

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