Boulder is looking into a complaint that a flyer endorsing City Council candidates violates the city’s election rules.

The flyer, distributed by Preserve Our Zoning, says November’s election “is extremely important in the struggle to keep the existing density” in the city’s residential estate and residential rural zones.

The flyer, which includes the website for Preserve Our Zoning, also endorses six candidates for their “responsible growth policies” — Bob Yates, Susan Peterson, Adam Swetlik, Corina Julca, Mark Wallach and Brian Dolan.

Dianne Marshall, Boulder County election administrator, said the city is investigating if the flyer violates the rules by not including a disclosure of who paid for it.

If Preserve Our Zoning is determined to be an unofficial candidate committee, she said, the group is required to register and report its donations and cannot accept more than $100 from a single donor.

​If a violation is found, she said, the first step is to see if there’s a cure for the violation, such as having the group register with the city.​ The city also will post the complaint and its resolution on its elections page, she said.

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