Boulder Public Library will begin seeking applicants on Thursday, Aug. 1, for 2020 exhibitions held in Canyon Gallery and other library exhibition spaces. The deadline to submit applications is Wednesday, Aug. 31.

The exhibitions should feature a diverse visual display, socially engaging art, live programs, interactivity and collaborative happenings. Proposals for projects should range from a few weeks to two months.

In 2018, the Main Boulder Public Library hosted over 700,000 visitors, offering great exposure and impact for exhibitions. Presentations in the gallery are as much about process as product presented, and proposed exhibits should engage visitors in many ways. Exhibitions should focus on topics of civic interest to the Boulder community, that inspire broad curiosity and appeal. Multidisciplinary groups are encouraged to plan and apply together. Traditional art exhibitions will be considered; however, preference will be given to individuals or groups that present projects based on the above specifications.  

The library will also pilot an Activist-in-Residence opportunity in 2020. To be considered, you should be a local Front Range artist-activist working in the field of climate change. The proposed resident will produce an exhibition related to the issue, but will also collaborate with the library to identify other opportunities to engage with community members, present programs, utilize library spaces, etc.

Interested candidates should fill out an application form and submit up to five pages of sample work. Samples should be related to the project score or demonstrate the applicant’s ability to create the proposed project.

For more information or questions, contact Jaime Kopke at [email protected] or visit the library’s webpage on exhibitions.

Published: July 30, 2019

Media Contacts:

Annie Zaruba, Media Relations, 303-441-4092
Jaime Kopke, Library Programs, Events, and Outreach Manager, 303-441-3193

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