The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy have named Boulder’s Southwest Research Institute as one of four recipients of the grand prize in the Furthering Advancements to Shorten Time Commissioning for Pumped-Storage Hydropower (PSH) Prize competition.

The FAST Prize competition sought ideas to reduce the time to commission PSH, and included innovative PSH ideas, new layouts, creative construction management, improved construction equipment, application of advanced manufacturing, or standardization of equipment

The SwRI entry was for accelerating PSH construction with steel dams, from Gordon Wittmeyer, a senior scientist at the firm.

The four finalists were selected from nine concept-stage winners at an Oct. 7 pitch day event in Alexandria, Va., and will each receive their share of up to $550,000 in vouchers for services and cash prizes, according to a news release.

The finalists were given three months and 50 hours of in-kind technical support from NREL, the Argonne National Laboratory, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory representatives to develop their ideas, the release stated.

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