Brit Alan Carr has turned a $5.50 investment into almost $60,000 by winning the latest Unibet Poker Open main event.

Alan Carr Unibet Poker Open winner

Alan Carr has become the latest Unibet Poker Open champion after qualifying online for $5.50. (Image: Unibet Poker Open)

Forming part of another record-breaking field of 327 players, the online pro was among the largest stacks on the final day of the €1,100/$1,200 main event.

However, as the blinds increased and players fell by the wayside on September 15, the final three opted to cut a deal.

Talk Turns into Action During Unibet Poker Open Malta

When the talking was done inside the InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta, Luca Beretta and Christopher Heidelbacher banked more than $50,000 each. That was all they would take home though.

Not long after play resumed, Heidelbacher was all-in for 11 big blinds with Q♣9♠. A call from Beretta took things to the flop where an ace virtually ended the Romanian’s chances of survival.

With no help on the turn and a second ace on the river, Beretta’s A♥T♥ scooped the pot and sent Heidelbacher home in third.

Despite having an extra few blinds to work with, Beretta couldn’t afford to stand still. Making aggressive moves pre-flop, the Italian made a final stand with K♥9♠ just 20 minutes after eliminating Heidelbacher.

Carr Completes Moneymaker-esque Performance

A call from Carr with Q♠6♣ gave Beretta the initial lead. However, as the board ran out A♥J♦4♣6♥3♣, it was the Brit who ended on top.

Raking in the final pot, Englishman Carr celebrated his first Unibet Poker Open title and a $58,912 payday.

Unibet Poker Open Malta Main Event Result

  1. Alan Carr – $59,808*
  2. Luca Beretta – $54,376*
  3. Christopher Heidelbacher – $50,266*
  4. Deivis Rinkevicius – $25,469
  5. Tonio Roeder – $19,589
  6. Serdar Demircan – $15,064
  7. Henri Jantunen – $12,051
  8. Matthew Ireland – $9,643
  9. Gedas Petrauskas – $7,717

*Denotes a deal.

As impressive as Carr’s win was, it was his route to victory that makes it noteworthy. Recounting his journey, the MTT pro said registering for the $5.50 satellite was a mistake.

Despite the misclick, he made the most of the situation by winning a $55 tournament ticket. Using that, he won a second ticket worth $275, something he eventually parlayed into a $1,200 main event seat.

From there, the rest is history. Carr will not only go down as a Unibet Poker Open champion alongside the likes of Martin Soukup but serve as an inspiration for others grinders looking to make it big in poker.

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