I recently acquired so really nice cedar for free and I want to build a three tier shelf and a shoe cubby combination. I consider myself to be a decent carpenter and my first big personal project was a queen size bedframe I made.

I want to try to make this using my router to make slots on the uprights that the shelves themselves will rest in/on. The farthest expanse from side to side will be 38″, so I think using slots with liquid nails will hold up fine (no fasteners, if possible, is my goal). There will only be clothes and shoes on the shelves so the weight shouldn’t be an issue.

My question for you more experienced woodworkers is: how should I go about making a jig for the router so I know my slots will be uniform?

Also, the boards are 1″ to 1.125″ by 7.25″ and I have a pretty standard router with a 3/4″ plunge bit.

Thanks yall!

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