Tea has caffeine and is not recommended for children

One of the questions that you can calmly ask about tea consumption is if your children are able to consume it. Tea has caffeine, but it is also in chocolate or cola soft drinks. Is it appropriate or not to give your children tea? Find out in this article.

Do you give your children tea?

Starting from the base, all tea varieties have caffeine content. Some more, others less. Green tea, for example, is perhaps the lowest and black tea the highest. But all its versions have it. And this does not stop being a stimulating substance.

Caffeine is a substance that is not recommended for children, especially when they take it too much. Some countries, such as the United States, have not determined what the limit of daily consumption is for a minor. Others, such as Canada, have the clearest things and limited the amount of about 35 milligrams per day of this substance for children.

Although adults tend to tolerate it better, young children do not. And an excess can generate collateral effects such as nervousness, headaches, difficulty falling asleep, increased blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity and more. Even if the child becomes irritable towards this substance, it will be even worse. For that reason, you have to be careful.

So, here comes the dilemma: if you do not give him tea, you should not give cola or chocolate too much, since these elements also have caffeine. In fact, if you stick to the limits imposed by Canadian legislation, a can of soda would already be enough caffeine throughout the day. Some parents have no problem giving this substance anyway, but others do.

For that reason, the best thing will be that the decision is made by you, as a father or mother. And if not, the word of a doctor will always be available to indicate whether or not it is advisable to give caffeine to your child.

If your children are already big (more than 10 years old) they can drink a cup of tea a day without problems, as they could have a soft drink or eat a chocolate. In moderation, it will not affect them. Otherwise, if you do not want this substance to be part of the life of your children, you can choose exquisite herbal infusions with great properties, such as chamomile. Or also with a good rooibos, which is very similar to red tea, but without caffeine content.

Source by Demarcus Martin