Cat rescue

Cat rescue

Passing motorists in Stuart got to watch a daring rescue during their morning commute on Friday.

According to information on the Martin County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, a cat managed to maneuver itself to the outside section of the Palm City Bridge. Once it got up there, it apparently didn’t know how to make it back down.

Luckily, a driver stopped to help and call authorities.

Then another, and another. Traffic came to a standstill.

Among the motorists was a law enforcement officer, Warrants Detective Jake Sirmans, who jumped in to assist.

“Sirmans immediately utilized some of his stealth take down maneuvers,” according to the sheriff’s office, which said an Animal Control officer also arrived to help.

PIctures show the cat’s perilous position high above The St. Lucie River.

“The team managed to calm the cat long enough to grab him just as he began to slip off the side.”

The daring feline was taken to the Humane Society where he will be evaluated and more than likely placed up for adoption, the released said.

Some commenters said they were involved in the traffic jam and didn’t realize that it was due to a cat rescue.

“ Well, mystery solved!” wrote one. “I was on the bridge this morning in the slow down and my son and I didn’t know what was going on because we saw no car accident.”

Others were curious how the cat had gotten up there.

“Highly unlikely that car got there on his own,” a follower posted.

Most were just appreciative and thanked those involved.

“Cats can do some weird things. Perhaps belongs to someone.. hope so. Will keep track of kitty. Thank you!”

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