To Know Is Also to Remember. Understanding Long Short-Term Memory… | …

Understanding Long Short-Term Memory NetworksImage generated by the author using MidJourneyA man and a woman talk inside a quiet room in a clinical research center. The woman asks questions and [...]

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An Open Source Database for Eclipse Chasers | by Rohit Pandey | Apr, …

Image created with midjourneyAt the risk of stating the obvious, the biggest weakness of a data scientist is that they can’t practice their craft without high quality data. And creating [...]

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Groq, and the Hardware of AI — Intuitively and Exhaustively Explained…

Machine Learning | Accelerated Computation | Artificial IntelligenceAn analysis of the major pieces of computer hardware used to run AI, along with a new heavy hitter.“Coordination Deconstructed” By Daniel [...]

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8 Things Most Data Science Programs Ddon’t Teach (But You Should Know…

MIT calls this “the missing semester of your CS education”Created using Midjourney.What data science and software engineering have in common is writing code. But while code is the main outcome [...]

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AI Weather Models Now Outperform Traditional Forecasts | by Caroline …

How are they being evaluated, and what does this mean for the future of weather forecasting?Image created by the author using Midjourney.Have you ever checked the weather forecast for the [...]

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Gender Bias in AI (International Women’s Day Edition) | by Yennie Jun…

A brief overview and discussion on gender bias in AICreated using MidjourneyFor International Women’s Day, I wanted to write a short article about gender bias in AI.AI models reflect, and [...]

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Keyframer: Empowering Animation Design using Large Language Models

Large language models (LLMs) have the potential to impact a wide range of creative domains, as exemplified in popular text-to-image generators like DALL·E and Midjourney. However, the application of LLMs [...]

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Essential Checklist for Setting up Your New Apple M3 MacBook Pro | by…

A handy reference on migrating bookmarks, terminal enhancements, and AWS Cli settingsImage generated by author using midjourneyI recently received a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with the latest Apple M3 chip [...]

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Harnessing the Power of Jasper’s Tone and Knowledge API Endpoints

Marketers face a daunting challenge: creating a vast amount of content in limited timeframes for a wide range of customers and prospects. This content needs to be personalized, captivating their [...]

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How to Improve Any Prompt in Less Than 5 Minutes (Chat UI and Code) |…

Turn half-baked sentences into expert-level promptsAll images are by the author via phone, Midjourney, and Canva.I get paid to write prompts and my friends know it. That’s why, when one [...]

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Python’s Most Powerful Decorator. And 5 ways to use it in data scienc…

Image generated by MidjourneyAnd 5 ways to use it in data science and machine learning@property is my favorite decorator in Python. I have been using Python for many years now, [...]

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Fine Tuning LLMs on a Single Consumer Graphic Card | by Naser Tamimi …

GENERATIVE AILearnings from fine tuning a large language model on a single consumer GPUImage by Author (Midjourney).When we think about Large Language Models or any other generative models, the first [...]

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The AI detector tools that can help you check for content for plagiar…

AI-generated content has seeped into every aspect of our lives. Here are some tools to recognise what’s machine-generated content and what’s human. ADVERTISEMENTThe rise of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like [...]

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Rabbit’s New AI Device Uses Apps On Your Behalf to “Do Anything” — Bu…

Let’s reverse-engineer “R1” and its Large Action ModelImage created by the author via Midjourney.All you have to do is push a button and speak your mind. Half a second later, [...]

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How Kathleen Celmins Achieved +8 Domain Rating with Content at Scale

OverviewClient: Kathleen Celmins, The Well-Paid ExpertService Used: Solo planResults: Achieved +8 domain rating with Content at ScaleCustomer: Kathleen Celmins, a.k.a. The Well-Paid ExpertKathleen Celmins is a distinguished and multi-six-figure author and entrepreneur working [...]

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Spreadsheet of ‘ripped off’ artists lands in Midjourney case • The Re…

A spreadsheet submitted as evidence in a copyright lawsuit against Midjourney allegedly lists thousands of artists whose images the startup's AI picture generator "can successfully mimic or imitate." The spreadsheet [...]

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How ChatGPT is Transforming the Way We Teach Software Development | b…

Learning to code when AI assistants already master the skillImage created by author using Midjourney.The revelation came in the summer of 2023, when I took on a high school student [...]

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A Bird’s Eye View of Linear Algebra: Systems of Equations, Linear Reg…

The humble matrix multiplication along with its inverse is almost exclusively what’s going on in many simple ML models18 min read·11 hours agoImage by midjourneyThis is the fourth chapter of [...]

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Prompt Engineering Could Be the Hottest Programming Language of 2024 …

Large Language Models are the next generation of Operating Systems Unless indicated otherwise, all the images are generated by the author using Midjourney, DALL-E, and Canva. “I don’t think [...]

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Business Analytics with LangChain and LLMs | by Naser Tamimi | Dec, 2…

GENERATIVE AIA step-by-step tutorial on query SQL databases with human languageImage by the author (generated via Midjourney)Many businesses have a lot of proprietary data stored in their databases. If there’s [...]

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Speculative Sampling — Intuitively and Exhaustively Explained | by Da…

Machine Learning | Natural Language Processing | Data ScienceExploring the drop-in strategy that’s speeding up language models by 3x“Speculators” by Daniel Warfield using MidJourney and Affinity Design 2. All images [...]

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AI regulations in global focus as EU approaches regulation deal

The surge in generative artificial intelligence (AI) development has prompted governments globally to rush toward regulating the emerging technology. The trend matches the European Union’s efforts to implement the world’s [...]

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Large Models Meet Big Data: Spark and LLMs in Harmony | by Naser Tami…

DATA ENGINEERING & GENERATIVE AIA step-by-step guide to use Apache Spark and large language modelsThe image is generated by Midjourney.Generative AI, including Large Language Models (LLMs), is revolutionizing different aspects [...]

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