Mercedes, Starbucks to install open-to-all EV chargers along 5 Freewa…

EV drivers braving Interstate 5 will soon get a chance for a double charge — electrons for the car, caffeine for the driver.Starbucks and Mercedes-Benz on Wednesday announced a partnership [...]

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Column: Instead of just criticizing Biden, maybe George Clooney shoul…

SACRAMENTO —  OK, my choice to replace President Biden as the Democratic nominee is George Clooney. Yes, I am semi-serious. No, I don’t expect anyone else to take me seriously — [...]

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Column: ‘Retire and go back under a rock’: Biden loyalists push back …

Just like the man they stand behind, backers of President Biden can be a feisty bunch.Even as more prominent supporters jump ship — Hollywood high rollers George Clooney and Rob [...]

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Delay in background checks affects people seeking employment, housing

Significant delays in the processing of background checks are causing headaches across California, leaving applications for jobs and housing stuck in limbo while making it harder for employers and landlords [...]

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Is it good for California to require financial literacy education?

To the editor: A November ballot initiative forced legislators’ hands to pass AB 2927 requiring financial planning be taught before high school graduation. Presumably they didn’t want to be embarrassed [...]

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California ballot could include $10-million climate and school bonds

SACRAMENTO —  California lawmakers have announced plans to pursue bond measures that would add $20 billion to the state’s debt but help fund the response to climate-related disasters, ensure clean drinking [...]

2024-07-01T12:43:48+00:00July 1st, 2024|California News|0 Comments

Column: DMV dumps stupid questions for license renewal, but the ‘virtual assistant’ needs work

A quick look at census data (more than 11,000 people turn 65 each day in the U.S.), along with my own rough calculations, suggest that several hundred people are turning [...]

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California tribe welcomes beavers back to Tule River after 100 years

Beavers are precious to the Tule River Indian Tribe. They are woven into the California tribe’s stories and appear in ancient pictographs painted by ancestors on the walls of a [...]

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Retiring UC Berkeley chancellor sounds off on protests, enrollment, housing

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ took the helm seven years ago, amid roiling discontent over free speech conflicts, financial woes, sexual assault scandals and a leadership crisis under her predecessor.During [...]

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L.A. officials talk of restricting masks at protests after violent protest

The violent protest Sunday at a synagogue has prompted Mayor Karen Bass to say Los Angeles should consider rules governing demonstrations and the wearing of masks by those protesting.Bass on [...]

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Burglars are hiding cameras in California yards: Protect yourself

In an era when everybody is staring at their phones, burglars are banking on people failing to notice the hidden camera in their front yard.Residents across Southern California have discovered [...]

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Gene Roddenberry foundation offers $1 million to create AI ‘for good’

To boldly go where no man has gone before.That’s the mission of the USS Enterprise — and arguably the aim of a $1-million prize being offered through a foundation created [...]

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California bills could help families get compensated for stolen land

Few governmental practices have caused more rapid disruption or erosion of generational wealth in Black and brown communities than the discriminatory use of eminent domain — the legal tool cities, [...]

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Arrest made after woman knocked unconscious in LAX road rage fight

Los Angeles police arrested a man Friday in connection with a road-rage-fueled scuffle at Los Angeles International Airport that knocked an elderly woman to the ground, leaving her unconscious.Jasan Givens [...]

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Video: Dramatic copter rescue of couple who collapsed near Joshua Tree

A couple hiking near Joshua Tree was rescued from a rugged trail over the weekend, prompting warnings from officials about participating in outdoor activities in the stifling heat.The dramatic helicopter [...]

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Column: Suggesting that Biden has dementia? ‘If…shame still exists, I’d call it shameful’

There really should be an alert system in place for TV campaign ads in the run-up to the November elections. Red lights would flash and sirens would wail right before [...]

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Mysterious sonic booms rattling SoCal coast. The cause? SpaceX, mostly

The house jolts and rumbles, and then there’s the unmistakable boom that Mikayla Shocks has been hearing more and more frequently from her Camarillo home. “One time, I thought a [...]

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Column: Sacramento’s tax rebate giveaway is coming home to roost

SACRAMENTO —  It’s budget season in Sacramento and there are bound to be screwups. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic legislators are paying now for a huge flub two years ago.They cobbled [...]

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Sacramento homeless count shows 29% drop, but accuracy questioned

Sacramento officials were elated this week when the results of a biennial point-in-time count showed that the observed local homeless population had declined by a whopping 29% — the biggest [...]

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Pasadena cops say ‘good ole boys’ police gang attacked, demeaned them

Several current and former Pasadena police officers and supervisors — all of them people of color — suffered assaults, discrimination and retaliation by a pair of department cliques, one of [...]

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California refunding $52 million to U.S. government for migrant care

California needs to repay more than $52 million to the federal government after improperly claiming reimbursement from the Medicaid program for some immigrant patients, according to a recently released report [...]

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‘Shark!’ Swimmers race to save bleeding man off California beach

Cameron Whiting had just finished an easy 1.5-mile open-water swim and was bodysurfing Sunday morning off Del Mar Beach when a member of his swimming group began to scream.At first, [...]

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Elon Musk is angry about immigration. Will it shape the 2024 election?

WASHINGTON —  Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal were speaking to a crowd of business leaders in 2013 about creating their first company when the conversation seemed to go off script. [...]

2024-06-03T12:07:51+00:00June 3rd, 2024|California News|0 Comments

Trump verdict may be November wildcard in L.A. congressional district

Sharing a salt-and-butter breakfast roll with her grandson at a Newhall bakery, stalwart Republican Jill Brown said former President Trump’s guilty verdict in a Manhattan courtroom won’t dent her plans [...]

2024-05-31T23:42:01+00:00May 31st, 2024|California News|0 Comments

Anaheim man found guilty of strangling woman amid police miscues

When Anaheim police officers arrived at Aaron Romo’s door in March 2023, they knocked and announced their presence. A security guard had summoned them after seeing the muscle-bound Romo violently [...]

2024-05-29T23:38:49+00:00May 29th, 2024|California News|0 Comments
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