Announcing the Seventh Annual Christmas Ornament Challenge. The challenge is open to all crafts, all materials, collaborations, mixed media, whatever. All skill levels may also enter.

This year NO video is required. However, if you make a video, we’ll cross link to it.

In years past, our international craftspeople could not receive a prize due to the prohibitively high cost of international shipment. Therefore, we’ve discontinued prizes and sponsors. Winners will have bragging rights and international recognition. But the challenge is primarily an opportunity to show our best work and celebrate Christmas.

To enter, make your ornament, take a picture, and upload the to, complete the form. But sure you get a successful confirmation message. The challenge ends midnight November 30, 2018.

After the submission period ends, we’ll produce a video of all entries and ask viewers to select their top choices. After we tabulate your responses, we’ll announce winners in December.

Again. the challenge is open to ornaments from all crafts and combination of crafts.

Alan’s Website:
Carl’s Website

Where to submit pictures and official rules:

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