A variety that grows at 1000 meters high

The cloud tea is a green tea that gets its name because, literally, it grows in the clouds. Do you want to discover a little more about this Chinese variety? In this note you can do it.

Do you like the green tea that is usually produced in China? Well, it’s perfect. Both there and in Japan is where the best varieties within this segment are obtained. And one of the highlights is the Cloud Tea, from the Hunan region and that has always had a distinguished aura.

Origin of Cloud Tea

It is mostly obtained in the Hunan region, where it grows between 800 and 1100 meters high. In a region that has humid and warm climate and that also has a perfect soil for the growth of this variety of tea, which incidentally is historical.

It was always considered as an offering to the emperors and since ancient times it is obtained in the same region. One of the most particular varieties within the cloud tea is the one that rises in Yuntaishan. There, the monks personally take care of harvesting it and the quantities obtained are scarce.

The cloud tea stands out for having short and shiny leaves, which are processed naturally to obtain that appearance. A really curious tea.

How the Cloud Tea is prepared

It’s a green tea, it’s not going to take a lot of preparation work. With the water at about 75° and one or two minutes of rest you will be ready to drink. Obviously, you will not need to add sugar, milk, or anything like that: a Cloud tea is enjoyed as well as is.

It is a soft tea, which has an excellent aroma, which highlights its fruit characteristics and you can take it throughout the day without too many problems. It’s just a matter of being able to have a little of this great infusion on hand.

Other exclusive varieties of green tea

Of course, the cloud tea is one of the many varieties of green tea that exist. You can know some others that are going to interest you without any doubt. Let’s see what you think of these three selected…

The Dinggu Dafang of China and Taiwan. A green tea quite popular both in China and Taiwan. Excellent variety

The Japanese Gyokuro. One of the most representative Organic Matcha Tea Powder that exist. It will always be synonymous with distinction and good taste.

The wick of Japan. It is made from young and delicate buds. You can take it at any time of the day, but better on special occasions.

Source by Demarcus Martin