Follow the Coffee Cruiser as it takes a journey around town in one beautiful morning in Portland.

This version of the Coffee Cruiser skate deck—a follow up to the Lifeblood Skateboard’s popular OG Coffee Cruiser—is made in collaboration with Lifeblood Skateboards, Cal’s Pharmacy and See See Motorcycles.

Lifeblood Skateboards

Cal’s Pharmacy

See See Motorcycles

Directed by Johnny Le
Written by Kyle Reynolds

Cast in order of appearance:
Bryce Kanights, Kurt Hayashi, Dane Brady, Thor Drake, Jon Humphries, Chris Stuker, Tom Bender, Chris Owen, Creative Woodworking Goats, Garric Ray, Spencer Knutilla, Will Beardslee, Niki Gaynor, Deva Gaynor, Emile Laurent, Colin Sharp, Lindsay Jo Holmes, Miles Grube, Heather Bent, Alex Davies, Will Houlihan, Dan Garland and Kyle Reynolds.

Bumper motion graphics by Darrin Casler
Bumper sound design by Matthew Tibbs

“Wind on water”
Performed by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno
Produced by Eno and Fripp
Courtesy of the Internet

Filmed on location in Portland, Oregon

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