Our collection of upcycling wood is made of 100% reclaimed wood. You can then furnish your house as well as your garden with green furniture without cutting down any tree. Both for the private and public spaces, the collection includes a variety of chairs, tables, bookshelves, wardrobes, cabinets and home accessories. Some furniture pieces are foldable in order to take less space, being more suitable for a nomadic lifestyle.

Our upcycling pieces of furniture are co-designed with young designers. They make prototypes of products that are made out of recovered materials. That is done just in few days and using basic woodworking tools and carpentry techniques, which are driven by the LINFA team during the workshops. They are spent in a co-living situation within nature, and the participants learn to develop their personal talents in a full-time experience. Our goal is to transmit the best practices around sustainable development.

We now activated a production chain between the public utility and garbage companies in order to recover scrap wood. We also recover pallets from the streets, as well as furniture pieces and fixtures, that are disassembles and stored in our warehouse. We spent a long time to increase the value of locally retrieved wood pieces fine as the new ones. We also get back the properties of the original materials by using organic products like wax, oil and orange terpene.

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