ANDREWS, Sc. (CNN/WFLA) — Almost every mailbox on every block had a bow on it as a community honored their murdered mail carrier.

The neighborhood lost their friend Irene Pressley after she was shot and killed earlier this week delivering mail.

“I was standing in my sister’s yard, and one of my cousins was coming, and she was calling me,” homeowner Kim Grant said. “And when I asked her, she said, ‘Something bad has happened to Irene.’ And when she said what happened, it just shocked me so that we were just devastated. Everybody was just devastated by the news, and it just seems like we’re still in a shock.”

Ms. Irene, as most folks called her, is remembered as a kind woman who always gave a wave and a smile.

“I was looking towards by mailbox as I came out of my front door. And something just came to me and said what can we do to show our love and respect? And it just came to me, said, what about bows on the mailbox.”

It took off from there. Dozens now have bows on their mailboxes.

“The bows mean to me, to show our love and respect. And just to let the family know that we really love them and care and are praying for them.”

A massive investigation into Irene’s murder is now underway as a task force of more than 70 have been brought in to investigate.


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