For hardcore enthusiasts of Cardano, you may have noticed that the project has been struggling in recent months. The cryptocurrency for Cardano, ADA has had a fair few hits in the market too, simply failing to meet the needs of its investors.

When it was launched, the project set off to a good start and was able to maintain a decent position in its rankings but in recent times we have seen the token take a slip below the top ten ranking to where it is now (currently 12th according to CoinMarketCap).

It’s no secret that what Cardano has achieved this far is nothing short of astonishing. Without a fully launched project and with dApp on the platform, the ADA cryptocurrency has achieved to be in the top 20 coins in the world and hold a value of more than $1 billion currently. This is a big achievement and has even been recognised by Weiss ratings who published a recent post which made the bold statement that Cardano could become the ‘king of dApps’ when it is fully launched.

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Could Cardano Overtake Ethereum?

Weiss Ratings have previously shown statistics that show EOS to be the current king of dApps and then TRON in a close second, this is despite Ethereum holding the title throughout 2018 and the years before. Ethereum’s mistake came as the result of a competition, something that it plans to fix through its upcoming upgrade dubbed Constantinople. Weiss Ratings recently said that they were feeling very positive of Cardano stating that it was expecting great things from the platform when it fully launched.

“#Cardano hasn’t fully launched yet, therefore, usage is low and there are no #dApps running on it. Once finished, we expect great things out of the protocol, quite possibly taking #EOS’s place as the number one dApp platform. We are cautiously optimistic. #KingOfDapps”

‘Cautiously optimistic’ is the key phrase here as in recent months we have seen Cardano disappointing investors but it still remains to be the most promising projects with one of the most qualified teams around. Weiss know this and said that they are optimistic but simultaneously, cautious of what will come for the project.

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