Craftsman’s faith is a research project about the woodworking tools of the south in Jiangsu province. It has been researching several years until now.
This video was recorded when we went to a factory which still uses traditional to product Ming’s furniture. The teller is the owner of this factory who had his own unique insight into the woodworking industry.

Guide teacher: Pencheng Zhou
Group member: Chenfan Zhang/Wei Zhou/Feng Zhou
Photograhpy:Xuyang Jiang/Zhongyuan Zhang/Chenfan Zhang/Wei Zhou/Feng Zhou
Editing: Chenfan Zhang
Research location: Wuxi, Rong galley/Jiangyin, Xiake town/Suzhou, Taihu, Xishan
Interview: Hu Chen
Technology support: Time migration photography studio/HuaiZhenJu

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